Logistic Field Audit's proven solutions help organizations identify, deliver and sustain performance improvements across their supply chains, logistics and procurement functions


Our knowledge, your success
We provide audits in three areas: supply chains, logistics and procurement management for businesses with operations in Russia, CIS, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The process may differ between these categories, but the results we deliver are the same:
Highlighting wastage, gaps and inefficiencies in your current systems.
Accelerating your depth of understanding.
Empowering you to make a step-change in performance over time.


Our supply chain audit delivers a deep-dive assessment of your entire supply chain, to determine its efficiency, agility and resilience to change. It focuses on five key areas:

STRATEGY — Does the supply chain function have a clear strategy aligned with overall business targets and goals? We audit the things that really matter, including customer satisfaction, risk mitigation, agility and continuous profitability.

ORGANIZATION — Does your organizational structure empower your supply chain management effectively, transparently, and resourcefully? We focus on roles, responsibilities, skills and functional integration into company structure to empower cross-functional cooperation in achieving business goals.

PROCESS — Are the current operating processes reinforcing supply chain operations across the entire value chain – plan, source, make and deliver? We pay close attention to process attributes, efficiency, visibility and manageability so you get total transparency into the process, end-to-end.

INFORMATION — Is the supply chain operating on reliable information from dependable sources, with the technology to process it? We take a granular look into the efficiency of cost-effective decision making, operational tasks execution, supply chain visibility and information structure.

PERFORMANCE — Does the supply chain management measure the things that matter such as reliability, responsiveness, agility, asset management and cost? These performance components directly affect profitability, return on investment and customer satisfaction, so you must evaluate them properly. Here, we focus on inventory investment and efficiency, on-time supplier delivery, forecasting accuracy, lead time, material availability, excess and obsolete inventory and return on assets.
At the end of this audit, you'll be able to:
Have total transparency into your entire value chain.
Create data-drive improvement initiatives.
Identify and manage top priority focus areas.
Build more resilient and compliant supply chains and reduce the risk of failure.
Create cost reduction programmes based on organization-wide strategy and goals.


The boom in 'omnichannel' and on-demand delivery models are fuelling the need to automate, simplify and streamline transport, stock and storage operations so you can get goods to customers, faster and more cost-effectively. Processes must deliver on cost efficiency, while being agile enough to cope with changing suppliers and different routes to market, if you are to stay ahead.

We bring a holistic approach to national and international logistics audits, evaluating strategic levers such as:
Interaction between logistics and the corporate marketing strategy.
Customer requirements for high-quality logistics services.
How well your systems are set up to serve customers needs.
The level of logistics costs and their components.

Armed with our audit report, you'll be able to see where costs are leaking, how sustainable your logistics operations are, and whether you are achieving customer-satisfying service levels in a way that builds loyalty and trust.
At the end of this audit, you'll be able to:
Increase your visibility with our world-class logistics diagnostic report.
Receive improvement recommendations for your top priority challenges, linking in directly with your business goals.
Create an efficient logistics platform to serve customers faster and more reliably.
Position yourself to proactively capture future trends.


A Logistics Field Audit procurement audit provides the ideal launch pad for a range of process improvement activities. It is aimed at the CEO or global procurement leader who is looking to define inefficiencies with the deepest granularity. Our audit focuses on the following areas:

STRATEGY — Does the procurement function have a clear strategy aligned with overall business targets and goals? We look at how your tactical plans stack up against the key objectives of your company.

ORGANIZATION AND PEOPLE — Does your organizational structure support the implementation of procurement strategy and effective gatekeeping of procurement policy? Roles, responsibilities, talent hiring and retention strategies, professional maturity levels, training quality and professional growth programmes are all put under the microscope.

PROCESS — Does your operational model reinforce or hinder the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of your procurement operations? Does it promote cross-functional cooperation and thus ensure compliance? We take a deep dive into your sourcing, tendering, requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, payments, process manageability and visibility.

SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT — Do you manage suppliers in a way that supports commercially sound decision-making, cost-effectiveness, transparency and the sustainable quality of the goods and services you're receiving? We scrutinize your supplier database and its segmentation, supplier development programmes and risk-management strategies.

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT — Do you manage supplier contracts in a way that guarantees value for money, risk management and the best end-user outcomes? All phases of contract management are examined, from contract set up to closeout, to see where vulnerabilities may lie.

PERFORMANCE — Do you routinely monitor, track and evaluate the performance of the procurement function? We determine how well you're performing on cost, supplier relationship management and key KPIs.

DATA AND IT — Are you operating on reliable data from dependable sources, with the right technology to process it? Our deep-dive into your data and tech solutions determine how well you're activating your data, and your ability to do so at speed and scale.
At the end of this audit, you'll be able to:
See what you're spending your budget on and how sophisticated you are in each spending category.
Understand how well-equipped your professional team is to implement your procurement strategy.
Assess your tools and systems against a benchmarked effectiveness model.
Better align data and decision making.
Read pragmatic recommendations for executing change.